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"When we design, we are always building for future floods, future fires, future droughts, and planting a tree a few inches tall that will be future forest giants, throw future shadows. Future populations will need future soils and forest resources, shelter, security. So somebody needs to range ahead in time, scout out the next century. We are not daydreaming. We are time scouts."

Bill Mollison (1928- 2016)

Up and coming

Design course at Bury (Manchester Road Community Arts Centre), Saturday 20th January 2018 Read more

Design Event at Brindhurst Farm near Macclesfield, 7th January/4th March 2018 Read more

Design Course at Hoylake, Wirral, Starts Spring 2018 Read more

Design Course at The Gathering Fields, Lancashire, 10th - 22nd September 2018 Read more

Design Course at the Parsonage, Didsbury, starts 13th October 2018 Read more

Details of  other events will follow. e-mail us

What the students say: graduates from the recent Design Course at Chorley talk about the course:

Graduates from our 2014 PDC course at Chorley talk about their projects and how the course has helped them

Video release "Agriculture vs Permaculture" from Jack Hill featuring interviews from the Northern School.

The oldest permaculture food forest in Britain  - from our friends Graham and Nancy at Coldstream in Scotland

Slideshow "Climate Change - don't panic",  Permaculture, Work and Energy by Angus Soutar, developed during the late summer convergences at IPC and NonStuff.


Follow our tour of the Biospheric Foundation in Salford

A Permaculture approach to Housing in 21st Century England - Angus Soutar presents to the Devolve seminar in Oxford, Spetember 2013. Presentation and links

Carving up the concrete - take time out from a busy life to enjoy the excellent work fo John Gotting


Read more about the Northern School

More information on current courses and events here.

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We have Permaculture Design courses currently in planning at Bury  (for Manchester and East Lancs) and at Chorley, (for Salford, Preston and West Lancs)  These courses are available to students taking a modular route. 

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