About our design events

Northern School Permaculture design event at Incredible Farm

Designers' weekends and events Permaculture is a holistic approach to designing our lives and the space around us. Permaculture design is both theoretical and practical. It uses the patterns we see all around us in Nature, We can make sense of those patterns and use them as our guide to creating natural, productive livelihoods Read more
Designers' weekends - who should attend These events are a great opportunity for people who want to get to know a wider network of like-minded people, including those who are interested in improving land use and quality of life. Who should be there?anyone interested in learning how to do land-based design using an ecological Read more
Designers' weekends - programme These events give you a chance to learn more about the practice of permaculture design and to improve your design skills by working with experienced designers. We also intend that the results will bring lasting benefit to subsequent visitors and to the people who live on, or near, the site.  Read more
Surveying and mapping workshops  "Barefoot surveying" involves gathering information on a piece of land without the need for expensive instruments and formal training.       What will we do?gain practical experience of gathering information to make base maps and site plans on a working sitelearn Read more