Design course in 12 single days

12 day Permaculture Design Course

Design Course modules by day

You may check here for availability of dates on our standard regional courses (PDC one day per month -  for other PDC formats, go here). If you have already started a course with us then you may attend without extra charge. All we ask  is that you check with us in advance and you that you bring food and refreshments to share on the day.

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Day 1Introduction to Permaculture
Day 2Introduction to Permaculture Design
Day 3Water and Life
Day 4  Water in the Landscape
Day 5  Soils and Life
Day 6Soils and Cultivation
Day 7  Forests and woodlands
Day 8  Design and aquaculture systems
Day 9Design for positive social change
Day 10  Settlements and communities
Day 11 Community finance and economic transition
Day 12Design projects  and completion

Overview of design course topics