About the Northern School of Permaculture

Northern School of Permaculture

The Northern School - Permaculture Design in Northern Britain The Northern School of Permaculture provides training and professional development services to build skills in productive, functional design. We take a holistic and ecological approach to design, based on the work of Bill Mollison and his Australian colleagues.The Northern School is not a building. Nor is it confined to any particular territory, although our experience is mainly in a cool-… Read more
Permaculture Design at the Northern School Our main purpose at the Northern School is to provide quality training and effective propagation of Permaculture Design. When you come on our courses, we aim to provide you with the necessary skills in a flexible way:a focus on creative thinking and problem-solving (no technical background required) teaching from skilled design practitioners experienced tutors who are ready to provide you… Read more
Who cares? Our students care. They care about the way the world is and how it will be. They care about what is happening to our planet. And they care about what they are going to do next.Our students are ready to embrace a changing world. They share the desire to make a better life for themselves and those around them. They show  a keen interest in Permaculture Design and a willingness to learn more… Read more
The elements of a good education system Our education policy is based on observation and experience. We believe that the foundations of a good education system are built from the following list:Three main characteristics all those who want to learn are provided with access to available resources, at any time in their lives all those who want to share what they know are empowered to find those that want to learn from them… Read more
Comments from our course graduates  Here are some comments from previous participants in the permaculture design course, after receiving their completion certificates. (For video feedback, go here)."Fantastic, thank you for an excellent fun and informative 6 months. Right, I'm off to do some observation and experimentation now."   Colin           "I have learned so much, and I know that this… Read more
Our graduates Our graduates are often exceptionally busy people, engaging in all manner of projects to help secure our common future. A few of them are on a pathway to recognition of their skills through the diploma in permaculture design and are helping to build the Permaculture Institute in North Britain.Another precious few are engaged in teaching apprentices with the school.The best way to find out… Read more
Our associates and supporters Image: Early Days at Barley Village Hall .Our guild has links to other guilds and organisations who acknowledge the power of "open source" working:Permaculture Research Institute - the PRI is pre-eminent coherent authority on world-wide Permaculture. The PRI has accredited our Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) and we are seeking closer working relations with themPermaculture Institute… Read more