Permaculture Design - an introduction

Bill Mollison teaches Permaculture at ragmans Lane


  When we look carefully at Nature, patterns common to all natural systems emerge. Nature proceeds much more efficiently than human society, there is better use of energy and no β€œwaste”. 

Permaculture design applies these patterns to the development of sustainable human settlements. The aim is the harmonious integration of landscape and people while providing them with food, energy, shelter, and other needs, both material and non-material, in a sustainable way.

To design, consciously, all aspects of our complex human settlements is a necessary yet straightforward task. Millions of us find our lives disrupted by poor design – architecture, transport systems, service delivery, computer systems, even the delivery of food onto our plates. Through good design we can develop practical and achievable solutions to the problems that threaten our own well-being, the problems in our neighbourhoods, the loss of bio-diversity and the overall planetary degradation. We can even begin to repair and reverse the damage that has been done.

Through sound design work, we can slow the onset of climate change and community disruption, we can react positively to all the changes that are on the way. Don't tell too many people though - because it's fun. And we can't tolerate people having fun while they are working, can we?

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