Angus Soutar

Angus is the School's Principal and Chief Engineer. He works with a with a cluster of projects related to food security, affordable energy and community currencies. He is a qualified permaculture designer with over 30 years of work in applying the skills with a large diversity of clients.  Angus is a founder member of the Permaculture Institute of North Britain and has over 25 years experience of running diploma programmes.

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Angus has over 30 years experience in teaching the international (72 hour) design certificate course (PDC), sometimes in challenging circumstances. He has studied with some of the most senior permaculture teachers, including Bill Mollison. He was awarded the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design by the Permaculture Academy (Britain) in 1997. Angus is accredited by the Permaculture Research Institute to teach the PDC, worldwide.

Angus is a qualified permaculture designer with 35 years of work in applying the skills. He makes this experience available to the students on our courses and the associates who work with us. He supports students who work across professional disciplines and across cultures.He is supporting several apprentices who are working towards their Diplomas

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