Autumn Medicine Workshop 2024

By Teresa, 2 April, 2024

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Short event for Northern School of Permaculture

During the Autumn Medicine workshop, we will be working with seeds and berries. 

When: Saturday 21 September 2024 10:00 hrs

Where: Laudato Si Centre

Led by Edwina Hodkinson

Hopefully, we will have a good harvest of berries and it's good to work with elderberries, haws and late summer flowers. We can also work with seeds such as nettle seeds and hogweed seeds. We can make things like elderberry rob, oxymels with honey and vinegar, elder and haw ketchup is nice to make as well as a mulled hedgerow drink. If people want to work with alcohol and finish what we make later there are hedgerow elixirs and tinctures.

The fee for the event is £75.00

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Autumn Medicine workshop group of people foraging wild herbs in the garden
Autumn Home Medicine workshop people making herbal medicines at an outdoors medicine making station in the garden