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By Teresa, 16 January, 2024
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This  course starts on [node:field_egdc_day_01] (scroll down for the full dates).

The course will be held at [node:field_egdc_venue:entity:field_venue_name:value]. [node:field_egdc_venue:entity:field_venue_finder].

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The course is open to all, regardless of any previous experience or literacy levels. We will follow the international guidelines to cover the course syllabus in full. The content and teaching style is aimed at those wishing to apply permaculture in any setting, although it is particularly suitable for those interested in developing livelihoods and enterprises. We want to help you apply permaculture thinking to a wide range of applications, in a flexible way. We aim to provide you with the tools to facilitate family and community-based projects of all kind. Many of our students go on to set up permaculture-inspired initiatives of their own. You can read more about people who will benefit from the course.

The course will be led by [node:field_egdc_lead_teacher]  with [node:field_egdc_support_team]  [node:field_egdc_lead_teacher:entity:field_staff_tutor_description]

What will we study?

The aim is to help you to make the transition to a practical and peaceful future, in the way that you want it to. You can read more about the course topics here.

What will it cost and how can I pay?

The price for the complete course (12 days) is £[node:field_egdc_fees:value]. We will ask for a deposit of £[node:field_egdc_deposit:value] when you book to secure your place. For early bookings the fees are reduced to £[node:field_egdc_early_booking:value].

You may read more about our pricing policy and what you can expect from us. We are offering several ways to make this affordable for people on low income and, if the fee is difficult for you to find, you are encouraged to negotiate with us.

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Venue for the course

This course is on-line with [node:field_egdc_optional] at selected venues.


We start on  [node:field_egdc_day_01] and continue to complete 24 sessions in all.

Session 2: [node:field_egdc_day_02]

Session 3: [node:field_egdc_day_03]

Session 4: [node:field_egdc_day_04]

Session 5: [node:field_egdc_day_05]

Session 6: [node:field_egdc_day_06]

Session 7: [node:field_egdc_day_07] 

Session 8: [node:field_egdc_day_08]

Session 9: [node:field_egdc_day_09]

Session 10: [node:field_egdc_day_10]

Session 11: [[node:field_egdc_day_11]

Session 12: [node:field_egdc_day_12]

Session 13: [node:field_egdc_day_13]]

Session 14: [node:field_egdc_day_14]

Session 15: [node:field_egdc_day_15]

Session 16: [node:field_egdc_day_16]

Session 17: [node:field_egdc_day_17]

Session 18: [node:field_egdc_day_18]

Session 19: [node:field_egdc_day_19]

Session 20: [node:field_egdc_day_20]

Session 21: [node:field_egdc_day_21]

Session 22: [node:field_egdc_day_22]

Session 23: [node:field_egdc_day_23]

Session 24: [node:field_egdc_day_24]

Additional information


For further enquiries, contact [node:field_egdc_enquiries:value] e-mail us

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Read more about [node:field_egdc_optional] at selected venues.