Modular design course - days 11 and 12

Permaculture Design Course days 11 and 12

Day 11  Communtity finance and economic transition
  • “Community trading” and “community money”
  • Community economics and firms - "trinity of management" - project financing - share systems - Open Source and Open Source Guilds - use of "Trust A / Trust B" model
  • Systems: Non-linearity in nature and society – “expect the unexpected”


  • Design projects – tutorial
  • Designing aid programmes effectively – lifeboats and flagships --  barefoot and without a parachute - "Ripples from the Zambezi"
  • Patterns of patterns – a summary of the different types of patterns in nature, the "general model"  
Day 12  Design projects  and completion
  • Design presentations - "to the client" - learning from each other


  • Certificates
  • Feedback – stacking with design process and evaluation tools What's next?   - Permaculture organisation local and global - diploma programmes – participants' projects - local and global networks  


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