Our associates and supporters

Early associatres of the Northern School of Permaculture

Image: Early Days at Barley Village Hall .

Our guild has links to other guilds and organisations who acknowledge the power of "open source" working:

Permaculture Research Institute - the PRI is pre-eminent coherent authority on world-wide Permaculture. The PRI has accredited our Permaculture Design Certificate course (PDC) and we are seeking closer working relations with them

Permaculture Institute of North Britain  - a guild of design practitioners that regulates the Northern School

CommEnt CIC - a community interest company based in the North West of England. A supporter of our School and the North Britain Institute.

The School for Sustainable Living - a collective demonstrating sustainable livelihoods in the Central  Pennine region.

Rob Squires  of Creative Local solutions and Treegeneration fame.

Permaculture in Mauritius  - projects and co-operatives from our associates in the Indian Ocean

Daniel Halsey - holds a key role at South Woods Permaculture in Minnestota USA and board director of the PRI/USA.

Peppi Gauchi (Malta and Iberia) - originator of the key permaculture mediterranian drylands project "Bahrija Oasis"

Permaculture Association (Britain) - we are members of this charity promoting permaculture in the UK

Open Money - Michael Linton's gift to the world of money.