Winter Home Medicine 2024

By Teresa, 2 April, 2024

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Short event for Northern School of Permaculture

During the Winter Medicine workshop we will be focusing on working with roots, rosehips and sloes.

When: Saturday 16 November 2024 10:00 hrs

Where: Laudato Si Centre

Led by Edwina Hodkinson

This time of year we have roots, rosehips and sloes. it's a good time to prepare for winter with cough syrups, fire cider vinegar, herbal cough glycerites, joint and muscle rubs and chest rubs. other things we can make are wartime rosehip syrup, and cold rosehip jam. Its also nice if the group have dried herbs from the garden to use in the winter medicines too giving that continuity between the seasons. 

The fee for the event is £75

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Winter Medicine workshop participants gathered inside the outdoor classroom at Laudato Si Centre
winter medicine workshop berries dried herbs and spices