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Northern School Permaculture Design Course


 The international permaculture design course (the "72 hour course") is the standard foundation course for people who want to learn about permaculture design. It can run in a number of formats, with the content grouped into modules, all of which provide the necessary 72 hours of study time with the course team.  Our design courses are fully certificated ("PDC courses") and accredited internationally by the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI).

Permaculture design lies at the heart of permaculture  It is where we demonstrate what we have learned from Nature -  this is where we “do” permaculture as planetary repair work.

The course is open to anyone who is interested in getting things working harmoniously within their households and in their communities. Participants share the permaculture ethic of care and respect for all the living systems on the planet, together with a desire to put right the damage caused in the past.

We won't ask you for any qualifications to you to come on this course (although an inquiring mind will be useful). And there is no need for any Introductory courses - you can opt to do the first day or two as an "introduction" without going any further.

People from all backgrounds are welcome, we are not asking anyone to change any of their beliefs, just to consider the evidence in front of them. For those completing the course, we give out a certificate that is recognised by permaculture practitioners everywhere in the world.

You may read further about what we study on the course.  

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